Binance is the largest bitcoin exchange & altcoin cryptocurrency exchange in the world by volume. Fully licensed and regulated, Binance offers 2 Factor Authentication to keep user accounts safe. 

In this article we will explain how to open a Binance account and also how to send crypto & bitcoin from your wallet.

How do you sign up to Binance?

What do you need to open a Binance account?

All you’ll need to open an account on Binance is an email address and phone.

Steps to open a Binance account

  • Visit Binance and click on Register.
  • On the registration page you must enter your email address, a password for your account, and you can also include a referral ID – you can support the writers of this guide by using this referral ID: JTGPX5HH

create binance account

  • After you complete that, you must do a security verification. The Binance system will send you a verification code to your email. This lasts for 30 minutes, otherwise you have to ask for a new email code. Insert the verification code in the browser. This will complete your account registration process.
  • If you want to boost the account security, you can go to the dashboard and you can enable the two-factor authentication. This way you can secure your account and ensure you are the only one accessing it.

How to send crypto from Binance

Investment programs that earn you daily returns mostly require deposits in cryptocurrency, so you will need to know how to send crypto from your Binance wallet. Just like Coinbase, Binance makes it very easy to send cryptocurrency to anyone else. Here’s how you send crypto from your Binance wallet:

  • First, you want to open the P2P wallet, and then choose transfer between accounts. After you do that, you need to press the Send button.
  • You can enter the recipient’s email address that’s associated with their Binance account. Or you can paste or scan their crypto wallet code.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to use and how much you want to send. You can choose between a variety of different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum.
  • After that, you just need to enter the verification code in order to complete the transaction. The verification takes place either via SMS or Google Authenticator. The process is very fast, and you do need to show that you agree to this process, otherwise there can be issues and you want to avoid any of that.

What To Be Aware Of When Sending Crypto

Using both Coinbase and Binance is a great idea if you want to ensure that you trade or send cryptocurrency without a problem. It’s a great idea to avoid any rush and take your time with it, ensuring you are sending crypto to and from the same type of wallet e.g make sure you send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet, not to an Ethereum wallet. Bear in mind there are often fees involved when sending crypto and you will need sufficient balance to cover them.

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