Coinbase is one of the most famous and popular bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is fully licensed and regulated so is one of the safest crypto exchanges out there. It also allows you to earn more than $50 of free crypto by simply signing up, depositing and learning about crypto & bitcoin.

In this article we will walk you through opening a Coinbase account, earning your free crypto, and also how to send crypto & bitcoin from your wallet.

How do you sign up to Coinbase?

What do you need to open a Coinbase account?

Before you open a Coinbase account, you want to be sure that you fulfill their requirements. If you want to trade on Coinbase, you need to be at least 18 years old, you must send a government issued photo ID, you will also need a phone number connected to the smartphone and the device you want to work on.

Steps to open a Coinbase account

  • First, head to the Coinbase website to sign up.
  • They will ask for your legal full name, your email address, password and state, where needed. You will also have to read the privacy policy and user agreement, which need to be accepted. Check the box and then click on Create Account or Sign Up if you are on mobile.
  • Coinbase will send you a verification email and you will need to click on the link you received in that email. Keep in mind that you have to sign back in via using the password and email you entered beforehand.
  • On top of that, Coinbase requires you to verify your phone number. You must choose the country, add the phone number, press Send Code, enter the code you received and then press Submit. In case you didn’t receive the code, you will have to re-send the SMS.
  • Adding your personal information is important, so share the info from your photo ID issued by the government. There are also a few questions you will need to reply to.
  • Verifying your identity is required too, this will require you to send the government issued photo ID and any other information requested by Coinbase.

How to claim Coinbase sign up $10 bonus

Coinbase $10 Signup Bonus

After you complete signup and verification, you must link a payment method. Keep in mind that each region/country might have its own limitations. Check what’s available in your area, and deposit via the option that suits your requirements. If you deposit & spend $100 USD or more then you will receive $10 from Coinbase.

How to earn $40 free crypto on Coinbase

Once you have signed up to Coinbase, head to their Rewards section. Here you can earn by learning about cryptocurrency and taking quizzes on it.

earn free crypto by learning about it on coinbase

You’ll also find a referral link in the Rewards section which you can send to your friends and receive $10 in free bitcoin when they sign up, deposit $100 and buy crypto with it. You can also start staking your cryptocurrency, to earn up to 5% annual yield simply by holding crypto on Coinbase.

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How to send crypto from Coinbase

Investment programs that earn you daily returns mostly require deposits in cryptocurrency, so you will need to know how to send crypto from your Coinbase wallet. Sending crypto from your wallet on the Coinbase platform is very simple, they have a very easy to use system to make that happen. Here’s how you send crypto from your Coinbase wallet:

  • First, you want to open the Coinbase wallet app on your mobile device
  • Press the Send button
  • Enter the amount that you want to send
  • Then select the coin you want to use, e.g Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Press Next, and then scan or enter the recipient’s wallet address (Note: this is not their email address)
  • One thing to note about Coinbase is that they are not processing wallet transactions via email. You do need to send the tokens using only a cryptocurrency address, ENS, Coinbase wallet username and so on.

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